Want to change

your career (or your life)?

Explore my 3 services and how they may help you.

The Jumpstart Program

In this 4 month,  1:1 coaching program, you'll use a tried-and-true process to get unstuck and out of frustration, and into feeling clear and excited about what you truly want, so you can take action to find work you love.

This program is great for those who know they're on the wrong track, or who don't see a future for themselves by staying where they are. It's also for those who can't seem to take action on their own, because they aren't convinced they really know what will make them happy. 

Find out more about this program by clicking below.

Breakthrough Coaching

If you already know what you want but haven't yet been successful in creating it, this 1:1 coaching is designed to help you find new freedom to reach your goal. 

In this coaching, we identify what the real work is- it's not the list of actions you need to take, but maintaining an empowered relationship with them. This customized coaching allows you to use each sticky issue that comes up as an opening to growth, so you can create greater freedom and success.

Ultimately, this coaching is about supporting you to realize your vision of the life- and creative fulfillment- you long for. Click below to find out more.  

Self-Study & Group Coaching

Another way I can support you on your journey is through guided self-study courses and small group coaching. 

While my self-study courses are still in development, my small group coaching is available now. In this work, I help you and 5-8 others create community and mutual learning as you navigate life's deeper and more mysterious transition periods. 

This work is for those who are experiencing a great deal of chaos or uncertainty, or who have stepped into deeper or more spiritual self-discovery. Here, I bring in gentle guidance and inquiries that have each fully present to one's self and to one another, while creating a safe space to hear one another's soul speak. Click below to find out more about group coaching.

Client Stories

Rebecca F.

Before I started coaching with Julie, I knew I needed to make big changes as I kept repeating the same old patterns of getting a job, burning out and then moving on... As a result of coaching, I’ve committed to creating a life that makes me happy: I’ve set up my own business and committed myself to goals that make me happy, rather than being in survival mode constantly. The best outcome of coaching with Julie has been setting up my own business, realizing my worth and understanding what work really sets my soul on fire... I feel I have more respect for my own skills, talents and understand myself a lot better.  

When I started working with Julie, it was because I desired to make a change, but as soon as I tried to go out of my comfort zone, I’d get paralyzed. I always chose to take the easy route, which caused me to go around in circles. Through our work together....I realized I wanted to move out of Tech and into Counseling and Psychology. I also created more closeness in my relationships, which I’d longed for... I learned how to heal certain parts of me and to see and use my personal strengths. I learned how to better trust myself and be kinder instead of overly critical towards myself. 

Shani M.