Career Coaching for Creatives & Sensitives

I'm Julie Boyer, MFA, CPCC, TICC.

I help you align your career to what you really want, so you can fully realize your gifts and purpose.            photo by: Acadia Boyer

What do you need?

I need to change my job... now.

You've stayed too long and this job is draining you. You want work that what would actually make you happy, but have no idea what that is.

I need more motivation.

You've hit a ceiling for growth in your current role and you're losing motivation. You know you've got to move on, but you have no idea where else to take your skills. 

I need to get over my fears.

Deep down, you have a sense of what you're capable of- you've visualized it for years. You'd be thrilled if it were possible, but fear you're fooling yourself.

I need to heal some wounds.

You've taken hits to your self-esteem at work and you're out of sorts. It's hard to see a way forward. You want to recover your confidence, and thrive again.

What do you want?


Intuitively, we know what we're capable of but end up forgetting or getting sidetracked. We long to be working from our natural gifts- and make an impact with them. We want work that has us in touch with and seen for who we are and what we're here to contribute. 


We want to feel our aliveness and enjoy experiences of restoration and expansion in work and life. We want to feel inspired and generative, and we want to fully express our creativity. We want a path that feeds our wellbeing and growth, and allows us to sustain the lives we actually want.


Life brings us unique challenges, and we are here to offer what we learn to others. Our individual growth plays a role in the evolution of humanity. We want to know our purpose, feel the sense of peace that comes with that, and stay true to our journey, so we can realize our true potential.

If you want to discover your potential, create a vision of your future and bring it all to life...

You've come to the right place!

I offer a few ways to achieve that:

Jumpstart Program

I offer a private coaching program, Jumpstart to Finding Work You Love, which helps you become clear and excited about what you really want and confident enough to take action.

Custom Coaching

I offer introductory packages (3 months) and ongoing packages (6 months) of 1 to 1 coaching, designed to help you dissolve patterns, create breakthroughs, and support you to achieve your goals.

Group Coaching

I have a list of courses I plan to build to supplement your personal growth and help you along your journey. Stay tuned!

I Help You Answer Questions Like...


How do I find out what would really make me happy?


How do I turn my vision into something real, concrete and actionable?


How can I do what I really want and still make a living? 


How do I keep myself from getting stuck or giving up?

My Coaching Approach

This is a space where you can be real about what you want, look at what's holding you back, and courageously embrace ownership & change.

seeing your gifts

I intuitively shine a light on your gifts and help you discover your potential. I trust my intuition and have honed it over time, and I champion you to trust yours, too.

removing roadblocks

I help you get to the heart of the matter.  I use a healing framework to illuminate the core of where you're getting stuck, and I show you how to dissolve this tension so you can learn, integrate, and move forward. 

working with emotions

I don't ignore your emotions, I work with them. I have deep respect for your unique creative process- I don't push anyone to conform to a program. I adjust my coaching to fit you and your needs, always.

take-home tools

I teach tools that you can use now and into the future. These range from tools that help you keep self-doubt at bay, recover from being triggered and return to your power, to ways of connecting with your soul for inner guidance.

I'm celebrating 10 years of coaching, and I'm..

  •  A Certified Co-Active Coach, a Certified Trauma Informed Coach, trained in Great Story Coaching and Great Story Mastery, a trained Organizer Coach, a Graduate of CTI's year-long immersive Leadership Program, a teacher's assistant in Great Story Coach Training, and have mentored Great Story coaches in training.
  • A Highly Sensitive Person (and have crafted a work life that utilizes and supports my gift of sensitivity).
  • A passionate creator with a fine arts background and deep knowledge of the creative process.
  • A spiritual seeker, business owner & dog-mom. photo by: Acadia Boyer, with help from Emika & Shu-hui Boyer

I love working with...

  • People in mid-career who are somewhat self-aware, intuitive or spiritual, and emotionally sensitive.
  • Creative professionals who know they’re capable of more, and want to give their ideas a chance.
  • Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) who want a work life that reflects their true potential.
  • Quiet or empathetic types who want a way to lead from their gifts, and make a difference.
  • Spiritually sensitive people who'd like to live a spiritual life- that supports them financially.
  • What Clients Say

    Julie has a very special way of immediately creating a safe space for you to work through the challenges you are facing. She has a gift when it comes to the healing process... Do not think twice if you have the privilege and opportunity to work with Julie. She has a unique gift that is near impossible to find...

    Julie A. Who rediscovered her passion as Executive Director of a Nonprofit

    If you have the chance to work with Julie, I say: Do it! You’ll never look back...If you feel like you keep going around in circles when it comes to figuring out what your dream job is, work with Julie. If you want to make a real, deep, life-long change that goes beyond sprucing up a resume or writing a convincing cover letter, work with Julie.

    Shani M. Who moved from Tech to Counseling/Psychology

    Everything I’ve learned from Julie has been applicable in countless ways in my daily life and has given me the courage and confidence to pursue and create the change I want to see in the world.... There is no doubt that Julie genuinely cares about [her clients] and the warmth of joy she shares in their growth and success is palpable.

    Roxana B. Who moved from Events Management to Design

    Want to know more?

    Ask me a question!

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