Want a way to love your job so you can excel and feel great about yourself?   

I'm Julie Boyer, CPCC, coach & author of the book Just Give Me Meaningful Work, Escape Your Exhausting Job And Start Making A Difference

I help people who are frustrated at work find freedom to be themselves, so they can enjoy life and make a bigger impact.

Do any of these sound like you?

You need to change your job.

You've been stuck in frustration for a while, and your confidence has taken a hit.

You know you can't stay here; something has to change.

You have no idea what to do next, and you're not optimistic.

More than anything, you just want to be happy.


You want to be happier at your current job. 

You've got the right job, but you're unsatisfied. 
You want to do/be what you're really capable of, but you're blocked somehow.
You've experienced frustration before; it feels like a pattern.
You just want to feel free and fulfilled, and know you're making a difference.

You want to use your job as an opportunity to make a bigger difference. 

You're feeling complacent and bored, and long be living more of your potential.
You've been wanting to claim your leadership in a more authoritative way, and express your deepest values at work. 
You know you have gifts to share, yet you're not putting them to use like you could.
You're concerned about the state of the world, and want to make sure you're making a difference.

I've been there, and you're not alone. You may feel discouraged, or even like you're in crisis. But in many ways the changes you want are a call to greater leadership, and better quality of life. 

 Despite how elusive this change has been for you in the past, there are ways to find clarity, conviction, and to move into inspired action. I teach people how through my programs, which you can read about here.

You can also download my book, below. 

Just Give Me Meaningful Work; Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start Making a Difference is a guide to creating change, that will help you: 
>  Spot self-sabotage thinking, and put a end to it. 
>  Be honest with yourself about what you really want.
>  Acknowledge what would feed your soul, and commit to creating it.
>  Find the strength you'll need to rise to new challenges.
And more.

It's always good to hear from people on a path to meaningful work. If you're curious about coaching with me or want to know more, I'm happy to help.

You can contact me here.

I'm a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and CTI-Trained Leader who helps purpose driven individuals find soul-fulfilling work so they can excel and make a difference. Through my phone-based private coaching and programs, I help clients free themselves from the frustration of a poor job-fit and uncover their true purpose, allowing them to finally feel great about what they do.
I'm author of the book Just Give Me Meaningful Work, Escape Your Exhausting Job and Start making a difference, and have worked with directors of organizations, owners of small businesses, mid-level managers, consultants, and artists. I live in the Boston area with my "snicker-doodle-monkey-dog", Zoe.
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