"I literally went from waking up dreading each day to being happy and embracing everything that came my way....Do not think twice if you have the privilege and opportunity to work with Julie. She has a unique gift that is near impossible to find and I guarantee that you will find happiness and meaning in your life and your work"  -J.C., Executive Director of a Nonprofit and Client

Are you approaching burnout?

You may be, if…

> You’re starting to wake up with a sense of dread.

> You’re showing up differently… not quite yourself…at home, because of your stress load.

> You want change, but you feel stuck.

This is a tough place to be. Since I’ve been there, I’ve thought a lot about why this place is painful. 

The simple solution is: just get a different job. Right? 

But it’s more confusing than that, and when you’re near burnout, you don’t have the energy to summon a clear vision of your future, let alone act on one.

It’s painful, because you’re stopped. You can’t be you. You’ve got to be someone else at work, and it’s wearing on you. 

You’re also stopped from having fun, because you and your work aren’t aligned. This means you’re not getting regular hits of wellbeing and joy that would otherwise pull you through stressful times. 

You’re stopped from being happy. You thought life would turn out a certain way for you, and you feel off-track. Something (big) is missing for you. 

It’s frustrating, and it’s effecting your entire life. 

You may have tried the common solutions. Personality tests, job searches, career assessments.

Therapy doesn’t feel like the way to go, because you want actionable change. 

And if stress management techniques could make you love your current job again, you’d be happy by now.

When all you have is murky doubt, this doesn’t feel like a solvable problem. It’s not clear what you should do about it, or even what you want.

But before you give up…

(Please don’t give up…)

This problem IS solvable. 

There IS a way to get crystal clear on what you want for yourself, see how it is indeed possible to create it, and access conviction to launch into action.

What you want might be a career change that brings you a feeling of freedom and joy, or it might be a new approach to your current job that’s infused with meaning and purpose.

If you want this, the key is to address the right problem. (Or as I like to think of it, the right opportunity.)

You are at a point where you know you long for change. And it’s up to you to create that change.

And to make this change, you have to enter the unknown.

You’ll have to step off your well-worn path and find a new way. 

(Even just to admit what you truly want to yourself, you’ll be stepping into vulnerable territory). 

You’ll need to decide to trust yourself to create for yourself the kind of work experience that will sustain you, and bring you freedom.

You’re harboring longing. Your burnout is speaking to it. It’s the expression of a need- or a calling- that is going unmet.

When you get real about what that is, what you need or deeply long for, you’re going to want to follow it, because that’s where happiness lives.

Right now, you don’t know what that looks like. 

And it may be a little scary to think about.

It might even sound unreasonable to wonder.

That’s normal. You just haven’t been shown how to do this. 

I’m a skilled (and certified CPCC) coach who’s trained in the art of transformation, and I’ve also lived in the creative space of the unknown as an artist all my life. I can show you how to create the change you’re looking for, because I can teach you how to successfully navigate the unknown.

I can show you how to tap into the resources that are already inside you that will guide you and offer you clarity, that you’ve probably been overlooking (most of us do).

Just because you can’t currently see how to get to where you want to go in this moment, doesn’t make your journey impossible or even improbable. 

If you want:

>  to find clarity about the future- to truly, viscerally know what you want, 

> to identify ways that you’re keeping yourself stuck, so you set them down once and for all, 

> to dig deep and access real confidence when you need to take a risk, and

> access enough conviction to launch into action,

Reach out to me. 

If you simply want to hear more because you’re curious, reach out to me.

I always start with a one-on-one conversation. 

It’s free. You get to ask the questions you have, and I get to see who you are, where you’re headed, and if my coaching would be right for you (if you’re a good candidate for this work, I’ll invite you to work with me). 

In that conversation, you’ll gain clarity about your direction, even if we don’t decide to work together. I’m generous with these calls, because I’m always on the lookout for people who are being called into a new phase of life, a new phase of leadership, or a new version of themselves. 

(By the way, if you’re headed into burnout, this is what’s really happening. It’s exciting for me to work with people like this!)

It’s my passion to help you learn to navigate the unknown of change, so you're empowered to make *any* change you want in life. This is what I want for everyone, particularly people with big hearts who seek to make a difference, like you.

Questions? Email me at julie@julieboyercoaching.com