Jumpstart to Loving Your Job Again

A four-month, private coaching program with Julie Boyer, CPCC

Find work that’s right for you, so you can feel like yourself again- and shine in your role.  

~ Are you exhausted in your current job- and know you need a change?

Underperforming out of stress, and taking a hit to your self-esteem?

~ Feel like you'd gladly get a new job, if you only knew which one would make you happy?

My program, Jumpstart to Loving Your Job Again, is designed to help launch you into a

new phase of your career

one you’re excited about and

can’t wait to start. 

Week by week, I work with people who know they're unhappy at work, but don't fully understand why.

They know they need to move on, but don't necessarily know where.

All they know is they’re unhappy, they’re growing more and more stressed, and it’s harder to stay engaged.

Sometimes their performance is suffering, which brings embarrassment or shame. This takes a toll on their emotional wellbeing, which often starts to impact things like their family life, as well.

Does this sound familiar? 

If you’re like my clients, your loved ones may encourage you to seek change (because they want to be happy). And you may have even tried before. But now you feel stuck, because you can’t seem to trust yourself to make the right decision. Even if you do have options, you hold back for fear that this will be just another disappointment all over again.

You may wonder:

How do I know what will make me happy?

How can I be sure what is the right direction for me? 

And if you’ve been stuck for a long time, you may have started to wonder:

Am I even capable of knowing what is right for me?

If this is you- know that you don’t have to stay stuck any longer. There is a way to know what’s right for you.

Just like I help other clients, I can help you find what you want- and be viscerally sure about it- so that you know you’re making the right decision when you move forward with a new job or position.

You’ll know because you’ll feel excited, hopeful and energized (and a whole lot more like yourself) again.

I can also help you know what is truly possible for you. If you’re like nearly 100% of my clients before they start coaching, you think your options are limited, but in reality you may not be aiming high enough. What you truly want may actually be a completely reasonable direction for you.

I can help you see the ways in which what you long for is, in fact, possible, so you can feel relief and confidence knowing you're going after the right thing.

With the clarity and confidence you gain from this program:

  • You  may completely change course, and find fulfilling work in a new industry. 

  • You may stay in the same industry or role, but find a company whose culture is more aligned with you. 

  • You may realize you’re actually in the right place, but you change your approach to work so that it offers the fulfillment you always hoped it would.

Work should be a place where you get to show up, be seen as you are, and shine. 

Work that’s right for you will engage your dreams for yourself and the impact you want to have.

It should be a place where you feel alive and full of hope for the future.

So what do you say, are you ready to find work that aligns with you and brings you ease and fulfillment? 

My program is a four-month, one-on-one coaching program that includes reading and reflection questions between each session. (You’re free to speed the program up to 2 months if you need to). 

Each session is designed to move you forward, and the one-to-one nature of coaching allows us to be flexible, spending more time on discoveries that are needed, less time on the things you already know.

In 8 sessions, I'll help you move through barriers, and into a place of confidence where change begins to evolve naturally:

Session 1: I'll help you set a clear goal for not just a job change but the personal change required to make that happen, so we can be clear about where we're going in our work together. 

Session 2: I'll help you see and set aside the habits that are keeping you stuck in this place, so you can clear the way for progress. 

Session 3: I'll help you establish enough safety within yourself to get real about what you really want, which will likely connect you, viscerally, to a vision that excites you. This is where the magic begins!

Session 4: I'll help you grow your confidence by connecting to your greater purpose, and seeing the ways you can begin to live your purpose- and feel fulfilled- starting now. 

Session 5: I'll help you see and own your most natural (but overlooked) gifts, so that you can know where you're needed in the world. (This helps you communicate your value in interviews, too!)

Session 6: As you finally see that what you're looking for is possible, I'll help you channel your excitement into a commitment to moving forward

Session 7: I'll teach you how to stay on that path and avoid getting derailed in the future, so you can trust yourself to stay on course and follow through.

Session 8: I'll help you look back and see how you created what you want through this program, so you can learn from it, and lock in that learning for the future. We'll end by celebrating what is available to you, now that you've created this change within yourself. 

Through this program, I'll help you create the inner change required to make the outer change you want happen. It's easier (and more fun) than you might think!

Think what you really want is unattainable?

Julio shares his story.

When Julio first came to me, he was a lawyer pushing paper at a law firm. He knew he could have been making more of a difference, and that frustrated him.

He was convinced he had no other real options. 

A few sessions into coaching, he made a commitment to launch his own firm to advocate for immigrants. Next, he co-founded a human rights NGO. Now, he's a sought out speaker and leader in his field, with a successful law firm of his own. 

Julio shares his story:

Going to work every day was an effort. I did not hate it, nor was it a bad job. It was all it was, though. Promotions seemed unlikely, and even the potential ones did not promise much. I was good at it, but I wanted so much more…

It has not been a year since I started with coaching and I have been able to cover far more distance in my professional path than in the previous five years. Yes, there is an insurmountable road ahead of me, but I am in it now…there is no comparison to where I am now and where I was before I started with the coaching sessions.

Fixing my broken career path seemed so distant…It seemed like an utopic and naïve dream: opening my own business, dedicating time to write about things that would be related to my business and my life goals…

I think it took about three or four coaching sessions before that path started to look not only less scary but mostly necessary. It was an opportunity to become the professional I wanted to be, not the one I stumbled upon, and I could link that to my deepest values and life goals. Every call with Julie  allowed me to connect with what I really wanted, and the homework led me to dig through areas that I generally felt uncomfortable with. At last I made up my mind. Using tools given to me I planned everything with detail: how and when to break it to people at work, what steps needed to be taken, the areas where I needed help or further studying. The transition out of work was extraordinary. I gave a truthful and heartfelt explanation of why my career path laid elsewhere, to which I received mostly support and words of encouragement. The tools I was introduced to made it happen with an efficiency I could have never replicated out of simple intuition.

It has not been a year since I started coaching and I have been able to cover far more distance in my professional path than in the previous five years.

Worried you'll have to leave a job you once loved?

Julie shares her story. 

Julie was experiencing burnout when she came to me in her role as nonprofit Executive Director. She knew she was in the right job, but she was growing more and more unhappy.

By getting clear on the experience she wanted to have at work, she was inspired her to approach her work differently, which made all the difference for her wellbeing. 

Here's Julie's Story:

I first reached out to Julie because I was experiencing exhaustion in my professional life and deep unhappiness in my personal life. Unlike many of Julie's clients, I actually once loved my work. I am a director of a non-profit and have the rare opportunity to put all of my time and energy into a cause that I have an immense passion for and value deeply. Due to a lot of factors, I lost my sense of ownership and leadership in my work and was no longer loving it anymore. At the same time, I lost my happiness personally and was no longer feeling much of anything. I would hide behind my work, not taking care of my myself emotionally or physically. 

Coaching with Julie was a real catalyst in changing my relationship to work and life. Julie helped me identify core issues within myself and my environment that I was allowing to take over, and this was really empowering. She helped me get unstuck- by opening my eyes to the ways that I could set myself up to be on the path toward happiness and ownership. I stopped feeling like a victim and stopped waking up every day telling myself I was at rock bottom with the weight of the world on my shoulders. I started to feel again and dream again. 

Real concrete results came from Julie pushing me to create and maintain the boundaries I need to take charge of in my life and work. Without these boundaries I was being overrun, overwhelmed, and driven by anxiety. Establishing and maintaining the boundaries I needed personally and professionally allowed me to create the space that I needed to heal and get back on the path to happiness and owning my experience of work. 

I learned so much about myself and my inner workings, why I react to certain events certain ways. Why hurt from the past that I had try to bury and forget was still affecting me today. I learned how to take responsibility for myself and create the environment I need to be a happy, healthy, dreamer and leader.

The best result of working with Julie is being able to dream again and knowing that I can be happy in all aspects of my life. I literally went from waking up dreading each day to being happy and embracing everything that came my way.

She has a very special way of immediately creating a safe space for you to work through the challenges you are facing. She also has a gift when it comes to the healing process that I had to go through in order to face what was pulling me down. Do not think twice if you have the privilege and opportunity to work with Julie. She has a unique gift that is near impossible to find and I guarantee that you will find happiness and meaning in your life and your work if you open yourself up to Julie and her program.

Think you're too directionless to know what you want?

Shani shares her story.

Shani reached out to me while working in a Tech job where she was becoming increasingly unhappy. Through working together, she realized she wasn't using her biggest gifts and passions in this line of work, and decided to change course and seek a career in psychology or counseling.  

She saw how she could use her natural gifts of empathy and connecting with others to make a bigger difference in field that was a better fit for her. 

Shani shares her story:

When I started working with Julie, it was because I desired to make a change, but as soon as I tried to go out of my comfort zone, I’d get paralyzed. I ran away from discomfort and numbed my feelings. It was difficult for me to think about what I needed to do next in order to find a job I loved because I listened to the voice that said “You can’t do this.” I was striving for perfection. In the end, I always chose to take the easy route, which caused me to go around in circles.

Through our work together, I got to a place where I know and see my purpose in life, and it gives me confidence. I treat myself with kindness and patience while taking on challenges. I view challenges and adversity differently--not as something to struggle through, but as an opportunity to learn about myself.

One outcome was that I realized I wanted to move out of Tech and into Counseling and Psychology. I also created more closeness in my relationships, which I’d longed for. The best outcome, though, has been connecting with my purpose and personal strengths, something that I have skimmed over in the past but didn’t dig into deeply, and seeing a clear way to embody it through my professional and personal life. 

I learned so much. I learned the importance of understanding difficult emotions instead of running away from them. I learned how to heal certain parts of me and to see and use my personal strengths. I learned how to better trust myself and be kinder instead of overly critical towards myself. 

If you have the chance to work with Julie, I say: Do it! You’ll never look back. 

If you feel like you keep going around in circles when it comes to figuring out what your dream job is, work with Julie. If you want to make a real, deep, life-long change that goes beyond sprucing up a resume or writing a convincing cover letter, work with Julie.

Feeling so low that you can't see forward? 

Roxana shares her story.

When Roxana came to me, she needed to feel hopeful again.

She read my book and called me, and when I knew she was a fit for my program, we started working together. Through coaching, Roxana opened up to her creative side, connected with a vision of the future that excited her, and gathered the courage to quit her job.

Roxana shares her story:

I reached out to Julie at a time when I was feeling really lost and stuck in a downward spiral of negativity. I realized that I was sinking into a place of hopelessness and despair even though my job and personal life seemed perfect on paper. I knew that things needed to change but I felt too drained to even know where to start. I happened to come across Julie’s book at my local library and as soon as I started reading it, I knew I’d come across the lifeline I so desperately needed. I found so much in it that resonated with me, especially Julie’s deeply reflective heart-centered approach to finding one’s path.

Coaching with Julie helped me get unstuck and recognize the thought pattens that were holding me back and also why they developed in the first place. It not only helped me sharpen my self-awareness and self-compassion, but also gave me the tools to begin moving in the direction I’ve longed for in spite of how impossible it has always seemed.

Through her co-active coaching method, Julie helped me develop a healthy growth mindset and home in on my personal strengths and values. She gave me confidence to trust in my own authority and the tools to battle my self-doubt and anxiety to make change possible. Throughout the 8 sessions, I could feel powerful shifts happening in my mindset, allowing me to develop more focus, clarity and confidence to work towards building a life that is more aligned with my values.

Working with Julie has challenged and changed me in ways that are life-altering. In many ways I don’t recognize the person that I was when I contacted Julie in the depths of my despair and yet I feel like she had helped me become reacquainted with my truest self that had long been neglecting.

It is almost impossible to list all the things I’ve learned! While working with Julie I constantly felt like I was reaching a new threshold of possibilities. Julie taught me how to access and nurture neglected and/or under-appreciated parts of myself. She reminded me the importance of listening to my intuition and cultivating my longings. I also learned the importance of acknowledging and processing my feelings, in order to act from an empowered place. During one session where I was feeling particularly affected by an incident, Julie immediately picked up on my need to deviate from our scheduled session and led me through a powerful exercise from her 1-year program which completely transformed how I felt about the situation. Everything I’ve learned from Julie has been applicable in countless ways in my daily life and has given me the courage and confidence to pursue and create the change I want to see in the world.

Julie is exceptionally gifted in her work. No matter what topic, issue or doubt I've brought up, Julie has always been able to offer an astonishing level of insight and guidance. Before Julie, I'd dabbled in seeking help but was always skeptical about the results. Julie is intuitive, compassionate and wise. Most importantly she brings her full self to each session and exudes a tremendous amount of empathy and respect. There is no doubt that she genuinely cares about the individuals that she works with and the warmth of joy she shares in their growth and success is palpable.

Anyone who works with Julie can consider themselves lucky to have a true fan on their team, not only rooting for their success but actively participating in their growth to help make their dreams come true! 

When there’s nothing holding you back any longer, there’s no resistance to action. That’s when the magic happens.

There are many more stories like these (scroll down to see more). I love unleashing the passion and purpose of mid-career professionals. 

I have witnessed the ways my clients make a bigger difference by following a path that is true to them, and seeing this is deeply fulfilling to me. 

What do you wish work felt like? 

What would it be like if you knew you could create that experience? 

What would it be like to be free of struggle?

As someone who has coached for 8 years, I have enough experience to help you quickly see what’s going wrong (and why), and how to create change, so we don’t waste time.

I've trained with multiple coaching institutions, like the Coach Approach for Organizers (where I completed a year of experiential coach training), the Co-Active Training Institute (where I completed another near-year of training before going through 6 months of certification, as well as an additional year of experiential leadership training), and Lucid Living & Coaching Transformation, where I completed 3 years of advanced coach training in healing patterns (and where I also mentor coaches in training). 

Not only that, but I've gone through this process myself.

I struggled for over a decade to find my place in the professional world. I understand the unhappiness and struggle that can come from not knowing what would make you happy, or where your skills are needed. For me, this search was an important part of my journey, for it caused me to get honest with myself, and finally summon the courage to trust myself. It also set me on a spiritual and personal inquiry, the results of which offer me insight and expertise I now bring into my coaching. 

Your journey, like mine, is likely significant in some way. This experience of frustration may be calling you into something greater, something more in line with who you are. There are great benefits to following this calling, even if you don't know where it will lead you yet. But it takes courage!

If we're a fit to work together, I can help you find your way. It doesn't matter how messed up you think you are- I've likely seen it before. My experience and training ensure that I can hold you in the process of change.

If you want to see if you’re a fit for this program, you can find out by booking a free consultation with me.

We'll talk for up to an hour, and I'll get a sense for where you are and what you need. You'll get a sense for how I coach, and if my style works for you. That way, we'll both have a chance to know if we're a fit to work together.

If all goes well and you’d like to sign up, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice, and upon payment, you’ll receive your welcome email with startup documents, and we’ll schedule your first session! There's no risk in scheduling a free consult.

Even if we decide the program isn't a fit for you, it's very likely you'll still walk away with more clarity.

FAQ: Who is this program right for? 

Clients who do very well with this program tend to be emotionally sensitive, or intuitive, or have at least some spiritual-like beliefs that keep open the door of hope and possibility. 

This program is great for people who feel a lot but who have been fighting their emotions, their preferences, and their sensitivity or creativity, and who have over-adapted to cultures where they don’t feel seen or valued. 

This program is great for anyone who notices that their work problem is part of a greater pattern that keeps happening in their life. I have ways of helping you understand how to break this pattern, and would love to do so.

This program is also great for anyone who just knows they're meant to experience and do more. That nagging feeling that there's something else out there for you, a way to live your potential that you're not experiencing now, is a great place to start. 

This program is right for anyone who sees that their happiness at work has everything to do with their happiness in life. It's great way to address what's holding you back from that happiness head-on.

This program is not for anyone looking for help writing their resume or know what to say at an interview (I’m happy to help with this during the program, but this will not be our overall focus).

My approach is to have you owning who you are first; most of my clients already know how to succeed in the interview process, and tend to do well once they’re comfortable, focused and aligned. 

This program is also not right for anyone looking for rules to follow, or a system they can use to control their circumstances or others’ perceptions of them.

Clients who do well with me, even if they’re stuck in blame and resentment, already see a personal need for growth. They understand it will take courage, but they’re willing to go there and take an honest look at themselves, with the right support. They long to expand and grow for the sake of their own happiness.

FAQ: Can you help me match my experience to a job description, or know what job I’d be good at?

I can definitely help you know what you’d be good at! I won’t go about it by scanning your previous work experience, though. There are many other ways of seeing your gifts that will lead to much more honest and robust assessment of what you’re meant to do. I find that when people start with the question “what job can I get?”, they’re thinking in a way that is keeping them small- this question itself is a function of their limited belief in possibility. 

If you’d like to know more, I recommend booking a consultation with me- I’m happy to explain why this approach will keep you stuck, and show you a much better way. 

FAQ: What if I’m so stuck you can’t help me?

Many of my clients come to me when they’ve hit rock bottom. They really aren’t feeling like themselves. When these clients began had their initial consultation, I helped them to see that they’re not ‘beyond help’. They’re just suffering the kind of symptoms (exhaustion, doubt, or anxiety) that are typical of someone who’s working hard to adapt to a job that’s just the wrong fit. 

When we talk in our initial conversation, I’ll likely get a sense for whether I can help you or not. Either way, I’ll be honest with you!

FAQ: What’s your style of coaching?

I believe clarity comes from emotional realness, and so I don’t use a solely analytical, intellectual or accountability-based approach to creating change. I also don’t believe people fit in boxes, and so I don’t present the career search process as a multiple choice format. 

Instead, I use empathy and honest inquiry to invite you to feel safe enough to reveal to yourself what you already know about what you want. I also use a framework to help you see where your thinking has been leading you astray, and why you (inadvertently) chose to use this way of thinking in the first place. 

I find that when you clear the roadblocks, what wants to emerge will, whether that’s clarity on what you want for your future, what your purpose is in this lifetime, or gifts you have that are under recognized and should be put to use.

FAQ: I’ve done online programs that haven’t worked.

How do I know yours will?

Because this coaching work is done on a one-to-one basis, I find that there’s no wiggling out of it. Not only that, but our conversations help you address any fears that may have you resisting moving forward. Clients who have tried online programs before this program have found what they need in this work, and have made the discoveries and changes they want. 

FAQ: I love homework. Do you give homework assignments or exercises I can complete on my own?

Yes! This program involves reading and reflection questions (and often supplemental exercises) between each session. You’re free to dive in as deeply as you want, and in a way that will serve you most. 

FAQ: Can I do the program in 2 months if I’m out of work and in a hurry to get a new job?

Yes, you can. Because we go deep in each session, most clients choose to take that two weeks to process the changes and discoveries that happen. However those who aren’t working have more time to process, and so they often are more comfortable moving faster. 

FAQ: How long are sessions?

Sessions are 1 hour, with the exception of our first session, which is 1.5 hours.

FAQ: How do we meet? Is it ok if I live outside the U.S?  

I meet with clients over the phone and zoom. As long as we can find a time that works in each of our time zones, we can work together.

FAQ: Do you give references? 

I have an extensive list of personal stories that clients have written for me to share. I try to honor my clients’ time and energy by offering these stories as opposed to giving out their phone number. That said, many of my prior clients would likely offer to help if you absolutely needed to speak with one of them. 

FAQ: I have sensitive issues happening at work. Would our conversations be confidential? 

Yes, all of our conversations are confidential. The fact that you are my client will be confidential as well, unless you give me permission to share that information.

FAQ: I think I might be in the right job, but the rest of what you say applies to me. Am I right for your program? 

Yes! I have worked with clients who know they’re in the right place, but who need to process an inner change, reconnect to their purpose and motivation, and find what they love about their work again. It’s a great idea to continually update your relationship with your work, so you can use it to make the difference you want to make, and fulfill you on a daily basis. 

FAQ: I think I want to start my own business Would you be able to help me with that?

I’ve seen clients branch out on their own as a result of this program. I can help you get clear on what you want to do, and see how it is possible, and arrive at a general plan for moving forward that you’re excited about. I’m willing to offer my own experiences as a business person if and when that’s helpful. I don’t, however, run clients through the process of how to start a business; I find this information they find elsewhere (and I’m happy to recommend sources of support).

Clarity, a new direction, and new belief in her future:

Maggie shares her story. 

Work has always been fraught and highly transactional for me. Most work days, I was fighting a strong physical urge to run far away. To dampen those feelings, I donned a happy mask at work that left me completely drained of energy at the end of each day. Added to that was the feeling that there was something deeply wrong with me for not being content in my circumstances. I've worked at mission-driven nonprofits my whole career- jobs that are more meaningful than the average corporate position and that I've heard countless people say they wish they had. 

I’ve tried for a decade to fold myself to fit into the life that I had been leading and I didn’t understand why I continually felt like I didn’t belong. I began to understand that I needed to change my circumstances, rather than continue to squeeze myself into a mold that wasn’t for me, but I felt clueless about what I wanted to do next or how to make new things happen for myself. I was frozen in a negative feedback loop of knowing I wanted something new, not knowing what that new thing was, feeling bad about myself for not knowing. 

The first time I spoke with Julie, that negative loop started to get quieter and I began to make space for my own wants and desires to emerge. Julie gently held space for me to work out my own solutions, asking questions that required deep introspection, and helped me connect the dots of past hurts and their effects on my current behaviors. 

I’m most grateful for the skills of listening to myself and trusting myself that I strengthened through working with Julie. I’m able to listen to my own desires in a way that I was completely shut off to before coaching and now firmly believe that if I want something, I can have it.

Opening myself up through coaching was hard, emotional and necessary work for me. I valued Julie's skill and warmth through the whole process and her commitment to me was deeply felt. I would recommend coaching with Julie to anyone who is struggling with connecting to their own dreams and stuck living in the dull world of practical choices driven by what they think they "should" do. I'm so much more open to possibilities for my life and the world around me and quicker to act on my desires in service of turning those possibilities into reality.  

New insight, and the confidence to go in a new direction:

Jackie shares her story. 

Before working with Julie, I was extremely unhappy with my work life (as a Marketing Coordinator) and unsure of what the right next step was to get me to my ultimate goal; feeling confident, and more importantly happy with what I was doing on a daily basis. I found myself exhausted after a day’s work from not only the work that was demanded of me, but living up to this standard I had created for myself to be an “always on, always happy, go-getter.” 

This version of myself was completely misaligned to who I am in my personal life. It made me angry at myself for imposing these impossible standards and took away energy from the other piece of my life that I truly enjoyed, “the real Jackie.” who was confident in her relationships, rather easy-going, with no apparent need to be perfect in anyone’s eyes. I was battling between who I knew I was as a person and the imposter I pretended to be at my 9-5 job. 

I am starting to look for a job that is more aligned to who I am as a person. Through my work with Julie, I realized a few different things about myself that I may not have take the time to explore, or more accurately, didn’t want to “admit” to myself out of fear it somehow made me less than. 

I am a highly sensitive person. Initially, I had always considered someone who is “sensitive” to be too emotional. Someone who thinks everything is a personal attack. I have learned through our work together that this is not the case. Being highly sensitive in my case means that I am highly perceptive to others thoughts, feelings and emotions. It made me realize that the people I work alongside have a very strong impact on my own emotion. If some of my coworkers project a highly anxious state, then I can easily pick up on that and in fact, take some of that anxiety on as a result. This has led me to really want to pursue a work environment where I have more solitude. 

I would say that the concrete results I have created can be seen in my pursuit in looking for a new role. Through my work with Julie I have found that I might enjoy a role in writing that is maybe for a smaller company or for a few individuals who I can feel very comfortable with. Or I am looking to see if I can find a role as a consultant, as I have noted that I think my personality works best in an environment where I can produce with very few other coworkers around me. 

Before my work with Julie, I was unwilling to sacrifice the idea that who I am as a person, what I truly want, might not be what I want my job to sound like on paper. I wanted to be able to sound impressive. It was always in the back of my mind, how can I work at an impressive company in a powerful role? That will sound so impressive. I have realized that if I really want to honor my happiness and bring that into my work life, then that validation from others needs to be a worry of the past. 

I have learned that a big piece of why I was so unhappy in my work life is my willingness to put other’s thoughts and feelings before myself. I have learned to put myself first. That is not to say, I am changing to be an egocentric person. No. I mean that I am going to put the importance of my feelings and my happiness before that of my coworkers, my boss, my family and friends. I was so caught up in appearing flawed, or visibly nervous, or somewhat angry - I was so unwilling to be anything other than this perfect human that I was sacrificing my own mental health to appear perfect to others. 

I would say Julie leaves space for you, but leads you when you need guidance. She gives you the opportunity to talk through hesitation, doubts - maybe an off day that happened previously. But she also takes those moments that may seem unrelated to the bigger picture of what your are working on and shows you how that off day might be feeding into something bigger. She helps you to connect the dots without mapping it out for you. 

A new job, a move to a new city, and a new experience of work:

Ellie shares her story. 

Before I started working with Julie, I knew I needed to leave my job, but I didn't know what the next step was. I wanted to clarify the type of work I wanted to do, so that my career move would be at least on the path to what I ultimately wanted. I knew the things I was good at and what I liked in past jobs, but needed guidance on how those things could come together into a typical job. 

Having gone through Julie’s program, a lot changed. Not only did I move to a new city and find a job I love that’s a good fit for me, but now, I find it easier to see the big picture of what I'm doing, which helps me find meaning in the day to day. I have more confidence in what I’m seeking from my career in general and I know my strengths in a way I didn't before. I have a lot more pride in what I do. 

My whole attitude has changed- I have so much more of a positive outlook. I look at others who are worn down and negative, and realize I used to be there, but I’m in a totally different place now. I realize I have ownership over what my job is- I can change it or improve it if it’s not working for me. I look ahead and I know I can get through anything. I see my capacity much clearer. 

The best outcome has been the confidence and self-awareness I gained from this. It really helped me begin to articulate my strengths and my career vision in way I hadn't been able to. I'm now able to create a story around my career trajectory that’s true to who I am, and that has allowed me to be more confident in pursuing career opportunities. 

I was very skeptical at first, but Julie worked with me when things were outside of my comfort zone, and I really felt the program was tailored to me. I recommend Julie as a coach for anyone who looking to define their passions and find peace of mind that they are on the right path. It’s been way more helpful than I ever could have imagined. 

Self-knowledge, healing, and a renewed focus on what matters:

Marina shares her story

After a decade of being in a career that wasn't satisfying I was at my breaking point; I needed change ASAP. It sounds dramatic, but I was in complete and utter turmoil. Julie made me feel normal and created a space to explore myself and possibilities.

I always knew that I wanted more out of my professional life but I felt so out of touch with who I was that I wasn’t even sure what I was good at or what direction to go in. We’re programmed to believe that work is supposed to be a struggle everyday. We’re programed to hate working but it doesn’t have to be— Julie has a method to help you see the real possibilities within yourself. She helped me find my purpose and my why. 

The biggest thing I got out of coaching with Julie was clarity. Before I started coaching, I felt like my mind was scattered and I didn't know how to even begin to change it. Sometimes when we feel so out of place it becomes a much larger burden so we ignore it and continue on with our day to day life. Julie helped me organize my mind to focus on what matters and let go of the things that didn't. 

One of my biggest takeaways was what I learned about myself. Sounds simple but it's much more complex than it sounds. We spend so much time in school learning about other subjects but we/I have never had a chance to learn about me. You think you know yourself, but Julie has a way of bringing out your true self so you can move forward as you were always meant to be. 

Now, I would say I feel healed. I literally look at the world differently; it's affected other parts of my life in a positive way. I feel more present, I understand humans better and my relationships are different. 

If you're thinking of coaching with Julie, be ready. You'll end up exposing a side of yourself that you never thought possible and it will probably change your life. 

Self-respect, pride and confidence:

Pablo shares his story. 

Before coaching with Julie, I felt hopeless. I felt that I was going down a rabbit hole and the minute I made an effort to climb up, a huge spiral of negativity would start revolving in my head. I know it sounds dramatic, but I really did start sinking into a negative habit that would block my ability to move forward in my professional life. 

I hit a wall when these issues started to affect my life. A friend gave me Julie's contact info because he had a positive experience with the coaching process. That's when I decided to talk to Julie and look for help.

As a result of coaching with Julie, I was able to look at myself with respect! I felt proud when I looked in the mirror. I felt confident enough to change the things I could change and do something about. To help the people around me and make sure they were succeeding and not letting them drag me into their own problems, but rather to help them solve them. I also looked at myself with more confidence, and made sure that I was doing things right!

Accelerated growth, matured leadership, and a career in activism:

Riley shares her story. 

Before coaching with Julie I'd watched another effort at career change begin to stagnate, and I wasn't willing to let this happen again. Even after I had jumped out of the deep ruts I lived by walking away from a long-standing job and moving to another state for a fresh start, my efforts to create a new and more meaningful career slowed to a trickle. When I was younger, I'd changed careers by deciding to and diving in, and it felt awful to believe that I no longer could. 

Coaching with Julie accelerated the growth I'd already begun in opening myself to connecting with people I found scary or challenging. Since coaching ended, I've witnessed concrete changes in myself, regarding courage in relationships; for example, I offered accepting, friendly support to someone I barely new as she went through an extended psychotic episode; I've connected so richly with a tough, ex-con neighbor that he's shared painful stories with me that he's never shared before; and I've had smaller, similar experiences. I'm honored for these people's trust in me, and I feel more fully adult (in my 50s!). Each time I connect like this, I get a physical sensation of my heart expanding.

In coaching with Julie, I made the following changes, which I am (with some inevitable slip-ups) living out: I've set aside abandoning myself to seek approval. Instead, I allow myself to be seen. I know I will have the support I need and will experience deeper connections this way. 

I gained a clear and mature understanding of my part of a broken relationship in my life, so that I can decide deliberately how I want to move forward to with that person. 

I am realistic about what's an appropriate next step for me; I'm neither grandiose about what I can accomplish given my skills, credentials and experience, nor paralyzed by what I lack. 

As a result of coaching I decided to move to a swing county in a swing state, to throw myself into deep canvassing for the 2020 Presidential election. My unique 'magic' and the special qualities of deep canvassing will make this powerful. (Deep canvassing is a form of door-to-door campaigning that leads to change more often, more durably, than traditional campaigning, while building bridges even between people who continue to disagree.)

If you're thinking about coaching with Julie, I would say: work with her if you feel stuck, if you've lost the things you used to have- confidence, follow through, vision. Her coaching blew me away. Even in the initial phone call, in which we figured out whether we were a good fit, I felt understood and gained insights. Julie listens deeply and has a way of 'getting' what is going on with me when I don't, myself. She pulls together what she knows from listening, from intuition, and from her training and experience into deeply personalized guidance. (Yes, I've used the word 'deeply' twice- that's no accident.) 

I've had life coaching before, and this is getting to a more fundamental level, much more quickly, and this is touching far more aspects of life than just my career. Included with coaching is a copy of her book, "Just Give Me Meaningful Work", in which Julie uses her own story to demonstrate the stages of career transition she lays out. One reason for the confidence I have in Julie is that she has lived the process through which she's guiding me. Thank goodness she found and pursued her calling, so she could help me do the same!


Self-Love, self-trust, and finding joy again:

Marie shares her story. 

Before I started working with Julie, I longed to engage myself on a deeper level with work, to create 'professional happiness'. But I felt I needed assistance to discover true vocational work that would include humanity, creativity, even Love. I sincerely felt I was "broke", if not doomed. My life had felt like a never-ending struggle to change who I was in order to "fit in". 

I had seen Julie in a live seminar and I felt she was a person embodying what I was wishing for myself, as she interacted from a place of competency, wisdom and empathy. Even love. 

The profound change I experienced as a result of working with her can be summarized by one sentence that she wrote in her book: 

“You can change the world by just being yourself”.

While working with Julie, for the first time in my life I stopped wanting to change myself, and started to embrace who I am.

Julie’s way of reflecting strengths I hadn’t seen in myself was key in bringing me “to the other side”, into a state of wholeness and self-love (what I’d longed for). Her deep knowledge and experience of the human/spirit nature is remarkable, and made a world of difference.

I discovered how coaching on a new holistic level was so suited for me! Her program includes simple and efficient ways to face the inner challenges AND acknowledge the strong, powerful and magical aspects of self. I realized the importance of attending to both sides, in order to move forward.

The most important outcome of coaching with Julie for me has been FAITH. In myself, my inner resources and my path. I am not mainstream. I made peace with that. Julie isn’t either! And she is such a great example of the quantum leaps that become possible when we embrace who we really are AND are ready to move toward it, bringing it all to the world; including sensitivity, vulnerability, intuition, magic and power.

> I learned the importance of SELF-LOVE as a basis for inner well being and for creating a life of meaning. It is the MORTAR that was missing to all my talents and capabilities. I see now how without it, any creation in my life will remain fragile and unfulfilling.

> I learned to use DREAMING (as Julie puts it) as a way to get in touch with un-manifested possibilities, that are known to my soul. I have faith in this process and it is now a daily practice that I use for inspiration, guidance and for spending quality time with myself. 

> I learned that there is NO EMERGENCY. A part of my mind just cannot comprehend this, by another part of me can. This inner posture of letting go connects me to faith, serenity and it allows me to get a perspective. Disconnecting from a stress-producing-mind is very empowering and liberating. Out of my own self-made-cage! 

> I learned how EMPOWERING JOY IS FOR ME. It had been the force behind my most fulfilling projects. But my ‘modus operandi’ regarding “work” was full of seriousness. My mind is still chewing over this one. How JOY is my true POWER.

If you’re thinking about working with Julie, I would say: if you are willing to put your effort on creating from within, with great authenticity, then go for it. She will make sure you stand on your true powers and essence. Her work is as intimate as you are willing to be with yourself, shedding light on parts of us that hide our true gifts. She has an amazing gift for helping us reveal what was already inside us; all the beauty, power, wisdom and...even... Self-Love. 

Pushing through fear, seeing her strengths, and rebranding herself:

K. Francis shares her story. 

Before I sought out coaching, I was grappling with a challenge I'd had for many years: how to promote myself online authentically. As an artist and businessperson, I always felt that one would cancel out the other. Because of that fear, I didn't post anything online about myself, which grew over the years into a fear of being seen, and this held me back from living my true potential. 

Julie helped me to push thru the fear and look at all my strengths through a fresh lens. She helped me gain the confidence I needed to create a LinkedIn profile that encompassed not only my skills and experience, but the true self and purpose that I wanted to project into the world.

The most valuable result of my coaching experience was that I came away with tools I can use in all areas of my life. Through coaching, I learned that I have some saboteur voices and that if I don't keep them in check, they can drive my experience. I learned ways to hush those voices and hear my own inner, encouraging voice.

I’m especially thankful for some of the connections Julie and I made between the saboteurs that can sabotage my thinking and my early childhood experiences. The work we did together really helped me to step closer to my creative self. I’ve embarked on a path where I’ll continue to focus healing energy to those memories, allowing me to keep breaking patterns that have developed over time. 

I would absolutely recommend Julie Boyer as a coach. She is professional, empathetic, pragmatic, kind and deeply generous. 

Clarity on her career direction, and improved relationships:

Emily shares her story. 

When I started working with Julie six months ago I was in an overwhelming time in my life, post divorce and starting a new chapter in my career and other areas. Many paths called out to me and aside from a general wish of clarity I was having trouble knowing what I wanted.

Julie is like a magic arrow, cutting quickly and decisively to the point and asking precisely the questions you need to be asking yourself. She guides with firmness and a quick wit while always coming back to the emotional state of the body and addressing the deep seated issues that arise when we try to let go of fears and old habits that are sometimes ingrained in our physical selves.

With a mixture of real world tips and encouragement ("why don't you sit down and write that email right now, while I'm on the phone with you?") and coaching through emotions, Julie efficiently gets to the heart of the problem and gently shines a light there prompting a greater understanding of self.

Through the sessions I gained incredible clarity about what direction I wanted my career to take, ways I could improve my relationships with my son and other important people in my life and a clearer vision about what I want to create for my future longer term. Julie is incredibly intelligent, kind and intuitive and my life has been quite transformed by our work together. Most highly recommended!

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